Andre Blunt is a full service creative brand.


About Him

Born Ayodeji Adeyemo, Andre Blunt is a nick name given by himself. Andre meaning “manly” and Blunt meaning “as it is” or “truth”. In every way, Andre Blunt captures the moment as it is and his writing is truth.

“Blunt in speech, sharp in frames”

Ayodeji Adeyemo

Ayodeji Adeyemo is a trained physicist, being a graduate of the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife. However, his love for photography has been since his early teen years with his use of simple analogue cameras. He later re-found love for photography in 2016 and after a series of enlightening and educative photography workshops and personal development—He has become a self-taught photographer and profound brand strategist.

His love for fashion and branding makes him a candid urban fashion stylist evident in his portfolio.

Every time Andre Blunt is involved in your branding, styling and/or photography; every time, there is a touch of excellence.

Truly, Blunt is truth, and right now, Andre Blunt is the difference you need.